Michael Pierre Price To Use Canson Infinity Papers

It has always been my goal to create the highest quality digital prints that I am personally capable of producing. To that end, I have decided after much research and testing that I am going to incorporate Canson Infinity papers into the production of my printed works. As of today, all new prints will be made using Canson Infinity papers. Limited Edition prints that have been previously produced with Epson's Signature Worthy papers will continue to be sold using the Epson papers to keep the integrity of those editions. However, from today onward, all Signature Editions and newly printed Limited Editions will be produced exclusively with Canson Infinity paper. While I have been extremely pleased with the quality of Epson's papers, the change to Canson Infinity paper is really a reflection of the maturing of my work and the greater emphasis on my non-photographic art.

Canson Infinity papers are crafted by the Canson & Arches mills in France. Both are renowned worldwide for manufacturing the finest art papers, thanks to more than 515 years of expertise. Canson was founded in 1557 by the Montgolfier family. Its development and destiny are intertwined with the history of France and the history of Art. Over the centuries, the greatest artists and designers have used Canson papers: Delacroix, Van Gogh, Degas, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, and Warhol, just to name a few. Rooted in tradition, Canson respects this heritage and its duty to always provide outstanding paper.

By combining modern technology, innovative coatings, and centuries of luxurious papermaking experience, these inkjet fine art and photo papers offer unique printing performance, unmatched consistency and value to professional digital print makers, exceeding gallery and museum standards.

As traditional Canson & Arches papers have been the ultimate choice of artists for generations, Canson Infinity is now the ultimate choice for digital printmakers and artists today.

Website Grand Opening - October Special

The newly designed website dedicated to the digital artwork and fine art photography of Michael Pierre Price officially opened on October 8th, 2014. This site is the exclusive online location for buying and collecting Michael's exquisite Limited Edition and Signature Edition digital prints. Michael prints each of the pieces he sells personally on his own printers. With each print sold, a watermarked certificate of authenticity with matching serial-numbered holograms are included. The newly adopted certificate of authenticity and hologram system is described in detail in Michael's first blog post. The site also provides a handy organized gallery for viewing all his work, along with ample background information about Michael, his studio, and prints.

In celebration of the grand opening, the website is offering a 15% off discount coupon for all prints purchased during October (sale ends Oct 31, 2014 at 11:59pm Eastern). Use the coupon code Oct2014 during checkout to receive the discount.