Certificates Of Authenticity

It has been a common practice for traditional artists to create limited edition prints of their artwork. In most circles these would be considered reprints of an original piece. Likewise, many professional photographers offer limited editions of their best work. Almost all artists and many photographers work with professional printers who specialize in creating prints of high quality. Typically, the artist or photographer decides on a specific print run, anywhere from 10 to 50 to several hundred to maybe even a thousand. After those prints have been made, the artist/photographer signs and numbers them. This is a fairly established practice in the art world.

 All of my digital artwork and fine art photography is created, developed, and printed personally by me on my own equipment. All my works are digital originals: none can be considered  reprints. The digital print is my medium. I work in no other.  Also, my Limited Editions are restricted to 10 prints, while my Signature Editions are only single prints. This keeps the number of multiple prints low and, for me, more personal. I do not print any of my images ahead of time or in batches. I only print an image after it has been ordered. For me, as an artist, I do this so I can have a direct connection to my collectors and also to my own work.

The final aspect in all of this are the newly updated Certificates of Authenticity that I now incorporate with all prints sold. I have made the decision to utilize Hahnemühle's watermarked Certificate Of Authenticity and Hologram System. (Click on the link for more information.) These certificates reliably authenticate the genuineness of my work by employing a matching pair of  serial-numbered holograms - one on the certificate and the other identically numbered one on the reverse side of the print. In addition, all prints sold are registered on Hahnemühle's Art Registry website. My new certificate system adds a level of integrity and value to all my work sold.

The two most important and enduring aspects of selling my work are the personal connection I want with my collectors and the limited number of prints I want available to be sold. The Certificate of Authenticity and Hologram System from Hahnemühle helps me to accomplish these goals, along with printing my own work and limiting the number of prints I make per image.

Website Grand Opening - October Special

The newly designed website dedicated to the digital artwork and fine art photography of Michael Pierre Price officially opened on October 8th, 2014. This site is the exclusive online location for buying and collecting Michael's exquisite Limited Edition and Signature Edition digital prints. Michael prints each of the pieces he sells personally on his own printers. With each print sold, a watermarked certificate of authenticity with matching serial-numbered holograms are included. The newly adopted certificate of authenticity and hologram system is described in detail in Michael's first blog post. The site also provides a handy organized gallery for viewing all his work, along with ample background information about Michael, his studio, and prints.

In celebration of the grand opening, the website is offering a 15% off discount coupon for all prints purchased during October (sale ends Oct 31, 2014 at 11:59pm Eastern). Use the coupon code Oct2014 during checkout to receive the discount.