Focus On Fractal, Abstract And Surreal Art

I have recently decided to focus my artistic endeavors on my fractal, abstract, and surreal work, and set aside my fine art photography for the foreseeable future. The updates to the website reflect this change in focus, as I will not be displaying or selling any of my fine art photography online. However, I am open to commission requests for photographic projects. In some of my surreal and abstract pieces, I do incorporate photographic elements; so strictly speaking, photography will continue to be an aspect of certain works.

Much of my current energy is directed at creating a series of large-scale fractal images, ranging in size from 30” by 40” up to 40” by 70”. It is my hope that the size and scope of the work might be appropriate for a major gallery or museum. I also have a series of abstract art images that I plan to start in the autumn that will be based on photographs taken earlier this year at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. A number of surreal art images, based on different principles of modern physics, are at various stages of completion with no specific end-dates in mind.

My new focus on fractals, abstract and surreal art is keeping me busy and helping me to bring together my artistic vision and style.